Frontend stuff


This session will highlight some of the stuff that is currently going on in HTML and CSS. Stuff you are probably not using right now. Some stuff you may have heard about, other stuff will likely be new to you. I hope.We will address some of the changes made in HTML 5.1. We will have a quick look at Flexbox (though you are probably already using it, aren’t you?). Then there’s CSS Grids, which will be quite useful – sooner or later. And we will look at some fancy CSS ideas that the W3C is currently working on.

Which also means that yes, this session will be quite Drupal-free.

If you are already familiar with <menu> and <menuitem>, position: sticky, @supports, flex-wrap and grid-template-areas this session is not for you.


You can find the slides of the session here:

That’s the Director’s Cut aka the commented version.