Welcome to DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2017

This Event is the first of two DrupalCamps in Germany in 2017, organized by volunteers of the community and for the community. The second one is announced to happen in Schwerin (#dcsn17) on 21. & 22. October 2017.

Other Drupal Events in 2017 are: The Splash Awards (March, in Hamburg), The European Drupal Business Days (May, in Frankfurt), and the Drupal BC Days (July, in Heidelberg). And don't forget the European DrupalCon in the "neighborhood": Vienna (September).


And that's new

Tickets & Sessions

It's finally done - you can purchase your ticket for our DrupalCamp. To get one of our early bird tickets, just go to the ticket page. There you'll also find all information concerning prices, condidtions etc.

And you can also submit your session. If you have any questions, you'll hopefully find the answers at the FAQs. If not, please contact us.

So: Let's go!

We do it again

Three years and 10 days after our successful DrupalCamp in 2014 we now celebrate Drupal again in Frankfurt on 22. & 23. April 2017.

The Camp is organized by the German Drupal association Drupal e.V. with the help of individuals and companies from the local Drupal community.

Stay tuned for further information and maybe follow us on Twitter.