You can purchase your ticket now!

  • Early-bird tickets can be bought until the 31th of March, after that regular pricing will come into effect.
  • If you want to support Drupal even more, you can buy a supporter ticket. All fees directly benefit the camp.
  • Please register here first before buying your ticket and use the same mail address in the ticket shop as you used for registering on the camp website (as we will "upgrade" your account role to attendee after you've purchased a ticket).
  • You don't need to buy a ticket to propose a session. If your session is selected, you won't need a ticket to attend the camp. And if your proposed session is not selected, you can still purchase a ticket at the early-bird price, even if this phase already passed.
  • Our Ticket prices are: Standard Ticket €40.00, Standard Ticket (Early Bird) €30.00, Discount Ticket for student, jobless or individual member of Drupal e.V. or Drupal Association €30.00 (as Early Bird €25.00), and Supporter Ticket for €55.00.

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