Adapting Drupal for specific industries – News from Thunder

Special Track: 

What is Thunder?

Thunder ( is a Drupal 8 distribution for professional publishers developed by Hubert Burda Media, one of the largest publishing houses in Europe. With the launch of the open-source CMS Thunder one year ago, Burda is creating a worldwide coalition of publishers, industry partners, and developers, which aims at joining forces to develop the best CMS for the media sector.

What can you learn in this session?

  • What’s new? Get a sneak preview on the next releases.
  • How to improve working with Drupal for editors? See our ideas for a better editorial backend.
  • Which problems do you face if you are building a Drupal distribution – and how do we handle them? (Updating a distribution, composer vs. drush make)
  • In which cases should you use Thunder as a starting point for new projects?

This session is perfect for

  • anyone who uses Thunder or is thinking about it,
  • anyone interested in media,
  • anyone who wants to develop a distribution.

No previous knowledge required.