Marketing Automation with Drupal


Drupal offers many ways to implement Marketing Automation on your website. The overall goal is to engage and onboard users in the sales funnel, scale traffic without scaling human resources.

This session will cover tools, modules, processes and integration scenarios with Drupal. In particular the following topics will be covered:

  • general requirements for marketing automation

  • personalization for 1 to 1 customer engagement

  • content architecture in Drupal as a base for marketing automation

  • processes & workflows to plan your marketing automation strategy

  • different communication channels integrated with Drupal

  • external tools & services Drupal integrates with

  • modules for marketing automation & lead nurturing

  • metrics to measure your marketing success automatically

This session is especially for marketers of all Drupal skill levels, who want to discover the possibilities and features Drupal offers to implement a mostly automated and measurable marketing machine with Drupal - and everyone else, of course!