DrupalVM - Enhanced drupal development environment

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DrupalVM makes local development environment faster, creates a more reliable and modern development environment. DrupalVM essentially lets you say goodbye to the "works on my machine" excuses and DrupalVM makes the drupal specific vagrant workflow much easier.

The topics covered in this session are:

  1. What is Vagrant and how it helps in Devops

  2. Basics of Vagrant and Ansible (Relevant commands)

  3. Why DrupalVM?

  4. Installation and Configuring Drupal vm.

  5. Overview of components in DrupalVM

  6. Additional Configuration options

    1.  Adminer - Database management GUI

    2.  Drupalconsole

    3.  Drush

    4.  Mailhog

    5.  Pimpmylog - GUI for logs

    6.  Solr

    7.  Xdebug

  7. Debugging in DrupalVM using Xdebug with phpstorm as IDE

  8. DrupalVM and PAreview

  9. Using DrupalVM for deployments

  10. Extending DrupalVM concepts for remote debugging