Social Intranet for the City of Reykjavik


In 2016 the new Intranet was launched at the City of Reykjavik. The Intranet was developed in Drupal 7 and is being used by 8-9.000 employees of the City. The Intranet focuses on knowing who the user is to be able to give him/her the content that matters. It also gives the user the power of choosing its own content.Users are authenticated via Active Directory and imported to Drupal four times per day. The system also has some fun stuff, like complement system and a birthday calender of all employees of the City. In this session we will go through the process from the idea to the launch date. We will also discuss the main obstacles we had during the project and some important learnings from this project, both from the perspective of the client (City of Reykjavik) as well as from the technical lead.