Get the most out of display modes!


Drupal 8 is nearly 1 year and a half old, soon the third minor version of Drupal 8 will be released. Maybe one of the most important advances provided by drupal 8 are the improvements in view modes and the new form modes. Now, we can make use of them have our entities forms and views under control.

During this session we will see how display modes can help us to model the most common client requirements in a clean and profesional way. On the other hand, we will get used to their configuration and administration, and later we will get the most from them in different common situations.

More in details, this talk will go through the following points:

  • Introduction: View modes in Drupal 7, why are them useful ? what are their limits?
  • Display modes in Drupal 8
  • Form modes in Drupal 8: Administration and configuration.
  • Form modes in Drupal 8: In a real case!
  • View modes in Drupal 8: Administration and configuration.
  • View modes in Drupal 8: In a real case!
  • Extra fields: where can we find them in drupal 8?
  • Extra fields: In a real case!

Finally, the target audience for this talk is site builders and developers but it is open to everyone that is interested on this topic.

More about this talk: