Building group-based community sites in Drupal 8

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The Group module allows you to create arbitrary collections of your content and users on your site and grant access control permissions on those collections.

Group also allows you to create communities. Users of the site can become members of a group. There can also be different levels of membership to a Group so, for example, you can have administrative members who can create content and basic members who can only view content within the Group.

In this session, we will cover some general use cases of the group module in Drupal 8 with the following:

  • An overview of group module
  • Add group types
  • Add group roles
  • Install group content types
  • Managing permissions in a group type
  • Configuring role sync to synchronize site roles with group roles
  • Creation of content in groups
  • Comparison of Group with OG
  • Extending groups with subgroups