Stay for the Community (and the code)

H-4 (BoF/Discussions)

The Drupal community has been rocked by recent events, leaving many discussing forking, halting involvement, ceasing sponsorshop of Drupal events, or abandoning Drupal altogether. Let's talk about this, the media coverage, communications from the DA, Drupal CWG, Dries, and Larry Garfield, how we feel affected, and what we can do to come together and help prevent loss of morale and momentum. Let's work to find ways to replace these negative feelings with renewed hope and a better sense of community and have a conversation about what changes we'd like to see.

Note: I do not feel I am any kind of authority to speak for the group and am only proposing this session because I asked (organizers) if there was already any planned discussion of such "community issues"… and they agreed that we should hold such a BoF. Many of the other Drupal camps around the world that have taken place in the past weeks have also included special BoFs (or even full sessions) on topics related to the current state of affairs and I think that it's important for people to think about these issues (yes, even those of us who are not in positions of power within the DA or other organizations), if only to find better clarity within ourselves. I may put together some slides to recap what has been going on for any who don't feel like they've kept up with it all (and to offer a "starting point" for conversation).

Even within the small group of people who join for this conversation, I expect there may be some strong and differing opinions. I hope that we can share our feelings and find our common ground without things becoming heated.